Princess Olga of Kiev Game mockup

First Senior Portfolio assignment! We were all asked to design a side-scrolling platform game based around a historical figure. I chose Princess Olga of Kiev, an early monarch of Russia who became regent ruler after her husband was murdered. When the murderers asked her to marry one of their own princes, she decided to take her revenge by burning the dignitaries they sent to her alive on two separate recorded occasions. When these people then refused to send her tribute, she asked that each household instead give her a bird. She then tied a flaming stick to each bird’s leg and released them back into the city, burning it to the ground. She is also credited with bringing christianity to Russia, and was sainted in 1547.

The premise of the game is to make your way through the castle collecting birds and dodging dignitaries until you get your sword of divine retribution to get them out of your way.

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