Raven’s Tale

My finished BFA Thesis! This is Raven’s Tale, a visual concept based on a screenplay that I wrote fall of 2015. The story is about the Raven from Edgar Allen Poe’s poem of the same name. When he gets tired of acting out the poem over and over with the drunk poet, the Raven decides to write his own story using the poet’s cursed pen. As Poe’s study dissolves into a magical forest, the Raven meets an ornery child of a heroine, Gerda, and as the story plays out realizes that he may have written himself in over his head.

Since my source material for this was Edgar Allen Poe and classic fairy tales, I was using two somewhat conflicting historical inspirations to inform my style. While Edgar Allen Poe’s world takes notes from 19th century etchings, the Fairytale world is inspired by German folk art in honor of the Brothers Grimm, as well as the flat and textured backgrounds from Tom Moore and “The Secret of Kells.”

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